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Visual Verse Editors catch up with Litro Magazine

Visual Verse editors, Preti and Kristen, talked to Litro Magazine yesterday about all things art, literature and, of course, Visual Verse.

Tomorrow is the first of the month, which means a brand new image and a brand new edition of Visual Verse. We have three incredibly diverse and reflective thinkers as our lead writers this month as well as an original painting by a very talented artist and illustrator based in Berlin. More on this tomorrow…

Kristen Harrison (l) Preti Taneja (r)

Below is a snippet from the interview but you can read it in its entirety here

Litro: Submitters are given an hour to write their poems or stories. Why did you decide to have a time limit and in what way do you think having an image prompt helps with this?

Preti: An hour means there is no excuse for not having a go. Focusing the time unlocks a fierce concentration and that can have surprising results.

Kristen: The time limit forces people to write instinctively. From a visual literacy perspective, I’m always fascinated by what people see in an image in those first few minutes. Do they see the physical qualities like colour, shape, texture; do they see the story around the scene; or do they project something of themselves onto the image? There are so many ways to see and the time limit opens writers up to that.



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