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Sophie Devine is in the House

Sophie Devine joins the curved house eu erasmus entrepeneur

UK designer Sophie Devine has joined The Curved House for three months as part of the EU Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme. This is the same amazing EU intiative that brought us Irish Kate. Sophie will be working on a range of design and marketing-related projects and developing a brand from scratch. She will hone her skills as a book designer and also learn how to run her own design business.

Sophie’s first task was to explore some of our favourite Berlin bookshops including Motto, Gestalten, Do You Read Me?, Shakespeare and Sons, Dussmann and the literary paradise that is Charlottenberg’s Literaturhaus. We asked her to look at the differences between German and UK editions of the same books, and to analyse how and why these designs vary. She has documented her observations over on her Ich bin ein Berliner tumblr, where she is also keeping a digital diary of her erasmus experience.

Sophie’s next task was to help us with a creative project for Curved House Kids. We asked her to create a font using handwriting from a 4 year old Londoner, Alice (thanks Alice!). We were inspired by the awesome (and gruesome) Kickstarter project Let’s Play Murder that involved creating a custom font from a child’s handwriting. The results are in:

custom typeface from child's handwriting


Next week we’ll upload a tutorial to the Curved House Kids website so you can make your own custom fonts.

Until then, welcome to Berlin Sophie Devine, and welcome to The Curved House! Let’s make some visual magic…

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