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Reporting Back from the Fun Palace

The Curved House Fun Palaces

Just in case you didn’t see over at our children’s HQ, Curved House Kids, we’ve been spending the last week collecting all manner of activities and materials together for Berlin’s first ever Fun Palace.

A revival of an idea originally conceived by the legendary playwright Joan Littlewood, Fun Palaces is a UK based initiative that launched this years thanks to Sarah Jane Rawlings and Visual Verse contributor, Stella Duffy.

We hosted our Fun Palace at our favourite Berlin book palace, aka Shakespeare and Sons. Led by the dynamic duo of Curved House Kids, Kristen Harrison and Jenna Stout, with lots of excellent friends joining us, we had two days filled with inspiring activities designed to get Berlin kids thinking and creating in the name of art and science.

We’re thoroughly looking forward to next year’s Fun Palace and have big plans to make sure we keep offering opportunities for any kid to have fun learning together. Watch this space!

And in the meantime, do take a look at the following, a snazzy ISSUU presentation of one of our many highlights of the weekend, Chester Travis’ Animal Mix Up Picture Poetry session. Visitors to this session were asked to identify some animals from sounds, and then create their own hybrid animals based on different combinations. Suffice to say, the results are beyond cute.


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