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Reading Inspiration: Women in Letters

It’s International Women’s Day this Sunday 8th March – a day that has been observed since in the early 1900’s. Back then, great expansion and turbulence in the industrialised world resulted in their societies turned upside down. Radical ideologies – including the exceptionally radical idea that women have a right to be heard – began to take root.

Now, International Women’s Day is held across the world. With a focus this year on “Make it Happen”, the goals of IWD are all about ensuring women get equal representation and recognition. And we always feel like all good writing deserves ongoing champions. So, inspired by the “Make it Happen” line, we’ve come up with a little side project we’ve started work on: Women in Letters.

In honour of the women of letters that have inspired us, we’ll be presenting an ongoing reading list over the next 26 days – an alphabet of female authors and writers. These are women who have challenged and entertained men and women the world over with their words. We’re kicking off with A, and an author dear to Nerys’ heart: the wonderful Angela Carter.

We’ll be welcoming suggestions throughout, so if you have any, do get in contact with us.

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