jasmine richards author website

We are so pleased to have had the chance to design and build a new website for UK author Jasmine Richards. The site launched in December 2011, in time for the publication of Jasmine’s first book (The Book of Wonders, published on 17 January, 2012).

Jasmine’s website needed to appeal to her target readership (kids aged 8-12 years) as well as parents, teachers, publishers and agents who might want more information about Jasmine and her books. We have used the imagery from The Book of Wonders cover to give the site a magical, fantasy-style mood and we’ve included a couple of animated icons to get the attention of young readers. We’ve also included a forum so Jasmine can chat to her fans and we’ve got news, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all feeding through to the homepage.

Jasmine has produced the videos on the site herself which just goes to show what a super talent she is!

>>> Visit www.jasminerichards.com