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We’re back to work after a glorious Easter weekend spent reading, reading and reading some more. Having reignited our flame with all things literary, we feel like sharing some of our favourite and incredibly well curated litmags with you.

These journals and magazines constantly commission brilliantly innovative and fresh new writing in all its forms- from poetry and fiction to non-fiction and reviews. We’re always in awe of the amount of work that goes in to each edition, from the design, to the cover to the content itself. This is even more impressive given that most of these journals rely and survive on subscriptions and donations in an age where content is expected for free.

So, editors and contributors, we bow to your hard work and thank you for creating such pearls of literary genius for us to consume.

The following 20 litmags are in no particular order, simply because we love them all.

The White Review


The Paris Review

Times Literary Supplement

The Atlantic

Neon Magazine

The New Yorker

Asymptote Journal

The Sun

The Moth Magazine


The Threepenny Review


Triple Canopy

The New Inquiry


London Review of Books

The American Reader

The Stinging Fly

BOMB Magazine


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