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It all starts with Matilda: Nerys Hudson to join The Curved House

Photo: Marie J. Burrows

I’m thrilled to announce that the fabulous Nerys Hudson, from Dialogue Berlin, will be joining The Curved House in June as Publishing Assistant. Nerys will offer editorial assistance across the entire Curved House project list including digital and print projects.

Those within the English-language publishing community in Berlin know only too well how loved Nerys is. She comes well-trained in bookselling and book marketing after working with Sharmaine Lovegrove at Dialogue for several years and brings a calm efficiency to everything she does. Her experience in bookselling, PR/marketing, events and her design skills (that have even been picked up by the Penguin UK design blog) make her a great fit for The Curved House.

Speaking of fitting with The Curved House, Nerys wrote a quite a remarkable cover letter that showed she had taken a lot of time to understand the philosophy and ambitions of our work here. The letter was so good that I am publishing an extract here, with Nerys’ permission, as I think we will all feel a little inspired by it.

So, while Nerys is excited and nervous about the future, so am I. It is up to me now, to ensure The Curved House lives up to someone with such a strong sense of what books can mean to people, especially when we – the publishers – get them just right.


Dear Kristen,

For me, it all starts with Matilda. Matilda was (and still is) awesome. She was a smart girl – something I rarely encountered in my children’s books up until then. She had a difficult life, but she didn’t give up on who she was, and wasn’t afraid to be herself. And she read. She read books, and made them seem like the best thing in the world. She got it. I grew up knowing I wanted to work with stories, because I knew how much that moment meant to me, how important that feeling was and how necessary it is to share.

A book can be a singular experience, but it is not a singular process.  

It wasn’t until I was 22 and in Berlin that I started to understand how that could happen. I left a job at a communications agency, needing a break and a new step. When I started working at Dialogue Books, many of the customers would (and do) assume that secretly I harbour an ambition to be a writer. I don’t. I respect and adore stories, but I also know that I am not an author, and indeed, a book is not just an author. A book can be a singular experience, but it is not a singular process. There are so many people behind a book often hidden out of view, but together, they help facilitate that magic moment when you find a story that resonates, entertains, challenges or comforts you …

… But why does this matter to you?

You like Matilda. You do amazing work to make sure kids grow up with an appreciation of stories. You are part of the process behind the book, the details that ensure someone gets that moment of pleasure from the reading experience. You are not afraid to explore areas of publishing that intersect with art, culture, design and technology, but also respect that books are special in their own right. You have the energy and breadth of services that make a real difference to the people you work with, in both big ideas and little details. You are an emerging company that is just beginning their story, and there is nothing more I would love to do than join you in that journey and assist in whatever way I can.

Yours Sincerely,
Nerys Hudson

Curved House Editor

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