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Font of the Month: Moscow Sans

Subway signage is always a tricky one due to the sheer number of eyes that will encounter it on a daily basis. Which is why we think this month’s Font of the Month should be deservedly awarded to Moscow Sans.


Commissioned by the Moscow Department of Transport, we think the consistencies of Moscow Sans have all the makings of an underground classic. Design and art direction have been expertly handed by A2-TYPE, Henrik Kubel & Scott Williams (with the amazing Margaret Calvert as type and pictogram consultant) and with Ilya Ruderman collaborating on the Cyrillic version. It’s a lovely geometric san-serif – fresh and super clear and provides a friendly welcome to the Moscow Metro, which just happens to the busiest metro system outside of Asia. Mission. Accomplished.

moscowsans2 moscowsans3

Maybe no-one explicitly starts off creating a subway typeface with the intention of it becoming iconic. But the fact is, if you get it right, it quickly will, due to the amount of visual contact it will get.



We hold a special, complicated place in our hearts for subways, even the ones we don’t always use (or don’t always like using) – think the New York Subway signage, Paris’ Metropolitan and of course, the London Underground. And maybe, just maybe, our hometown of Berlin, for slightly more idiosyncratic and chaotic reasons.

Anyways, back to Moscow Sans, which will roll out in Metros across the city throughout the year. A gorgeous typographic present from Russia, with love.

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