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A tribute to David Rain, from Kristen Harrison at The Curved House

Last week the world said goodbye to a wonderful writer and I said goodbye to a wonderful client.

David Rain, who passed away on December 15, was a writer and creative writing lecturer who also wrote under the pseudonyms Tom Arden and Peter Keith Nash. David grew up in Mount Gambier, a small town in South Australia before moving to Belfast to teach English Literature in the early 1990s. He then moved to Brighton and eventually settled in London where he lived for almost 20 years.

David’s last published volume was a collection of poetry called First Look that felt so very familiar to me. This collection evokes much of the duality of being an Australian abroad. Perhaps it’s the distance, or the uniqueness of the landscape, but no matter how far you go from Australia, Australia never leaves you. It is a place that burrows deep into your soul. For some of us, that depth can be suffocating and those who leave often end up occupying a confusing space between belonging and longing – wondering all the time if it would be a good idea to go back.

in the heat of the sun david rain
volcano street by david rain
The Harlequins Dance from David Rain's Orokon series

David was able to shape this duplicity into words and stories and to use it as a force in his writing. It is there in front of us in First Look, and it is there in his novel Volcano Street, a story in which two sisters try to escape a small-town Australian life they have been thrown in to.

For me, I will always be grateful that David wrote about things so familiar and that I found these words on the other side of the world, where I needed them most. And I will always remember the gentle, genuine and hardworking writer who quietly made his mark.

On behalf of the team here, we send our love and condolences to David’s partner Antony, and to his friends and family.

Kristen Harrison
22 December 2015

David Rain's "Christopher" for Visual Verse

David Rain’s “Christopher” for Visual Verse

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