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Gail Rebuck BBC

UK’s most powerful women share their advice on ambition and self-belief

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Recently, I was discussing imposter syndrome with a group of female friends. These friends are all very successful – some are outwardly ambitious while others feel their careers have been a bit of an accident, but all of them share a feeling that their success has not been earned and that any moment they will be found out. The reasons for their respective successes are plainly evident to me so I sat wondering why on earth they can’t see what the world sees. Now, today, I stumbled upon this 3 minutes of inspiration from the BBC in which the UK’s most powerful women share their advice on ambition and self-belief. Among them is Dame Gail Rebuck, one of publishing’s greats. Many of these women express their own insecurities and it just goes to show that imposter syndrome is a state of mind that is rife among highly intelligent, wonderful, capable women. It is also a state of mind that simply shouldn’t exist.

So this goes out to all my awesome girl friends. You know who you are.

Click here to see the full How to be a Powerful Woman series…

penguin random house temporary logo

Penguin Random House merger plans announced

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Our friends and colleagues at Penguin and Random House have been eagerly awaiting news on the merger and today it has come. Details of the merger are published in today’s Bookseller, along with news that Tom Weldon has been appointed chief executive of Penguin Random House UK. Gail Rebuck, former chair and chief executive of Random House UK, is to be UK chair of the new business.

The company have also released a temporary logo (above) which suggests that preservation of our beloved Penguin is planned. Our biggest fear with this merger is that the Penguin brand will be diluted, or even eradicted. Clarity on this will come in time but given the commercial weight of the brand it would surely be counter-productive to get rid of it. Then again, the world moves on. Perhaps we are tuning out to big brands and tuning in to community-driven recommendations? Those recommendations still come from somewhere, and we still want our Penguin logo (please).

The Reader - Books

The Reader Berlin’s 2013 writing workshops

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Victoria Gosling, founder of The Reader Berlin, runs creative writing and literary workshops in the German capital.

The Reader - BerlinIsherwood, Nabokov, Kafka – the allure of Berlin has always fostered and attracted writers across the world, although I wasn’t really aware of this when I arrived in in the city five years ago. I came because it was cheap and everyone I knew who had visited loved it, and I thought it would be a place where I would be able to buy time to write.

Five years’ later,  The Reader Berlin is running a series of Summer Intensive Writing Workshops . It still never fails to amaze me how many authors are living and writing here, from published luminaries such as Anna Winger, Clare Wigfall, Tod Wodicka, Julian Gough, Helen DeWitt and Priya Basil, to the dedicated tribe of writers who attend The Reader’s evening courses and events run by local literary organisations such as Dialogue Books, SAND and The English Theatre Berlin. And if they aren’t living here, they are swinging by. ‘Did you see who that was?’ someone will say – and it’ll be A.M. Holmes, Ned Beauman, or Karen Russell. Read More

Celebrating Malorie Blackman as the Waterstones Children’s Laureate

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Whoop, it’s alive! Our little film to announce Malorie Blackman as the next Waterstones Children’s Laureate. The film was produced for Booktrust and was a collaboration with designer/illustrator/animator extraordinaire, Matthew Young (or MY MY MY for short). Check out Matt’s website if you haven’t already, he is awesome. But before you do that, watch our little vid.

frisch and co logo ebook publisher

Anatomy of a Night

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Anatomy of a nightTonight’s a big night for Berlin-based publisher, Frisch & Co. as they launch their first book and give wings to an innovative new publishing venture. The launch will take place in London’s Soho, to coincide with the London Book Fair.

ANATOMY OF A NIGHT, their first title, is by Austrian writer Anna Kim (translated by Bradley Schmidt) who won the EU Prize for Literature in 2012.

We’re really excited to see a new venture like Frisch and Co. get off the ground and also to see the exciting partnerships being formed here in Berlin. In this case it’s with the Berlin ebook distributor epubli and we predict exciting things ahead for these movers and shakers.

Get your copy of Anatomy of a Night today and support independent, innovative publishing: http://www.frischand.co/books/anatomy-night/

About Anatomy of a Night

The book tells the story of a remote village in eastern Greenland, a land of extreme cold, abiding magic and desperate loneliness. With great care and supreme artistry, Kim traces the twists and turns of her characters’ lives over the course of a single fateful night, drawing us into the heart of a tragedy whose repercussions leave no one untouched.


Anatomy of a Night is impressive not only for its atmosphere and subject matter, the author is also a gifted and engaging storyteller.

Herbert Först, Literature House, Austria

The lyrical subtlety of the language and the masterful use of formal elements exert an irresistible pull that literally whisks the reader away into the Greenlandic night. That’s not a warning, it’s a promise.

Carsten Hueck, ORF

Anna Kim’s novel stands in a grand tradition, and if this book proves anything, then this above all: that it takes a clear-sighted literature to lead the way through a great darkness, a darkness far greater than any single night could ever be.

Paul Jandl, Die Welt