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10 Authors Who Really Get Twitter


Twitter can be an intimidating place. Anyone can set up an account and retweet interesting Tweets and share articles, but who among us is actually creating original and inspiring content? We found 10 writers who are nailing Twitter at the moment.

Their secret? These writers mix up their posts: there’s original content and retweeting, philosophical meanderings, inspirational words, following a cause, shouting out to their mates (promoting) and themselves (self-promotion), photos and videos. But most importantly perhaps, they remain engaged and post regularly.

Perfect Twitter principles for any aspiring author – here’s the lineup of our dream Twitter Author Team. Follow, read and learn: Read More

how to resize images for the web

Preparing Images for the Web


This guide is designed to help authors and web editors understand how to resize and save images before uploading them to the web

When it comes to creating an engaging website, images and photos are extremely important. Estimates are that we only read about 20% of the world’s online text which leaves 80% of visual and multimedia that we navigate daily. Read More

Websites for authors: Getting started

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This is an extract from an article written by Kristen Harrison for epubli.

A new website can be a daunting prospect. Where do you start? How much should it cost? How long will it take? What work is involved for you? The choices are overwhelming. But the good news is it’s easier and more affordable than ever to get up and running with a new website. You just need to know how to go about it.

First things first. It’s absolutely vital that you are able to summarise your situation and articulate what you want. Think of it like buying a pair of shoes. If you don’t know what kind of shoes you want, what your budget is and what size you are, you will end up with a pair of ill-fitting shoes that you’ll never wear. Let’s start with some key questions to help you understand your situation. Read More

Gail Rebuck BBC

UK’s most powerful women share their advice on ambition and self-belief

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Recently, I was discussing imposter syndrome with a group of female friends. These friends are all very successful – some are outwardly ambitious while others feel their careers have been a bit of an accident, but all of them share a feeling that their success has not been earned and that any moment they will be found out. The reasons for their respective successes are plainly evident to me so I sat wondering why on earth they can’t see what the world sees. Now, today, I stumbled upon this 3 minutes of inspiration from the BBC in which the UK’s most powerful women share their advice on ambition and self-belief. Among them is Dame Gail Rebuck, one of publishing’s greats. Many of these women express their own insecurities and it just goes to show that imposter syndrome is a state of mind that is rife among highly intelligent, wonderful, capable women. It is also a state of mind that simply shouldn’t exist.

So this goes out to all my awesome girl friends. You know who you are.

Click here to see the full How to be a Powerful Woman series…

A writer’s guide to online discussion forums

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Discussion forums or “chat rooms” are online websites where people engage in conversations around particular topics in the form of a question and answer style thread. A chat room is similar, except the conversation happens in real time. The principles are broadly the same for both forums and chatrooms so this article should give you a general overview for both.

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Website or social media: the modern writer’s conundrum

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If you’re considering developing your web presence you are probably wondering whether it’s better to build a website, start a blog, or join TwitterFacebook and the many other social media platforms available today. If you are lucky enough to have the golden trifecta: time, ability and money, then by all means, do it all! But if you’re like most people and have limited resources in at least one or two of those areas, you need to think about the kind of web presence that you can manage on an ongoing basis.

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