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All the Lovely People: Society of Authors Design and Digital Conference

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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of chairing the afternoon sessions at the Society of Authors Design and Digital conference. It was such a good line-up and it’s quite possible I enjoyed the whole day more than anyone else. The morning sessions were three book designers with not only supreme skill and creativity, but total integrity: Jon Gray of Gray318, David Pearson of Type as Image who is always a favourite, and Claire Mason, text designer at Penguin. All of them presented a beautiful array of work and insights into the considerations of cover and interior book design. Katie Roden from Fixabook chaired the morning sessions and ended with some practical insights into how to make sure your cover does what it needs to do (sell books).

In the afternoon, Kjell Eldor (Digital Publishing Manager at Blackwells) kicked off with a fairly spot-on overview of publishing’s relationship with digital over the past few years; the ever super dooper Sophie Rochester from The Writing Platform shared some invaluable stats for and about writers; James Huggins from Made In Me (of mebooks app fame) shared his beautiful and clever projects for kids and Phil Harris gave us a unique insight into the world of gaming for writers – one that involves many branches and whole new worlds. I was pretty chuffed to chair such a good panel and one that delivered a range of digital perspectives to an enthusiastic audience.

By the end of the day the authors were brain dead but wonderfully enthusiastic and that is exactly how we wanted it. Job done.

Thank you Anna, Kate, Charlotte, Neha and the rest of the team at the The Society of Authors for running an excellent day.

– Kristen

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