Our Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl from downunder. She read Roald Dahl’s Matilda three times in one year but she didn’t read much else after that. She found reading hard and by the age of 10 she’d given up trying to keep up.  Then, quite out of the blue, she formed a mild obsession with her father’s smelly old bookcase. She loved his medical textbooks with their strange pictures, and the old books with torn edges. She spent hours upon hours studying these objects: sniffing, hugging and “reading” the pictures. She worked out how they were put together and when she was old enough to give it a try herself, that’s what she did. She made books. Now she has a business, making books. And people around her who also love making books. It’s many years since those book-hugging days but the passion for books and a commitment to literacy is what underpins The Curved House.

Our Publishing and Design Services

We work primarily for publishers and creative businesses to help them develop their publishing output – whether that is digitally or in print. Described by the UK Bookseller as “the ultimate hybrid company” we often find ourselves blurring the lines between books and art, publisher and producer, digital and print.

We mostly design and produce books, build and run websites and come up with great ideas to get books into the hands of readers. We also run trainings and our famous (or infamous?) Author Web Surgeries help authors and publishers to understand how to use the web and social media to their best advantage.

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Our Literary Projects

Part of our self-imposed remit is to do things that make people love books. Whether it’s reading them, hugging them, or just admiring them, we want people to continue to interact with books even as we embrace our digital reality. We therefore run various voluntary projects that let us have fun with the book world while trying to make a little difference. These include voluntary contributions to things like The Writing Platform, the Sober October campaign that aims to support local independent bookshops and Visual Verse, an anthology of art and words launched in November 2013. If you are a creative publishing person, or a graduate with an interest in books and art, and would like to volunteer to help on any of our voluntary projects please get in touch.

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Our Team

The Curved House was founded in London in 2011, by Kristen Harrison. The headquarters are now in Berlin and the Free Word Centre in Farringdon remains our London home. Kristen is joined in the Berlin office by Lucie Stevens (Publishing Coordinator) and Alice Connew (Social Media and Marketing). Our creative partners, Pete Lewis and Dave Flindall, do most of the design and development of our websites and we have key contractors in other parts of the UK and Europe who handle web development, design, typesetting and other technical production components.