Murders of London – Book, website and trailer

From the dimly lit alleyways of Whitechapel that played host to the Ripper’s darkest deeds to the well-to-do streets of Belgravia where Lord Lucan was last seen, Murders of London stalks the capital’s thoroughfares, uncovering the city’s violent past.

This is by far the creepiest book The Curved House has produced. It’s 224 full-colour pages of utterly murderous stories, some from London’s distant past and some from London’s all-too-recent history. Thank you to the book’s awesome editor Sophie Lazar for giving us this fun little project, and subsequently giving us nightmares every night for the entire production cycle.

The trailer above is part of a website we’re now producing to accompany the publication and early designs confirm that it will be just as creepy as the book.